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Graphics Rules, Requirements, and Format
« on: October 19, 2010, 02:45:46 pm »
Rules of the Graphics Department

Keep one thread for all your graphics work and update it.
When someone asks for CnC; Don't just post '10/10!!!!!' give them your suggestion on what would help them improve.
If you're requesting a signature; Make sure to double check the link works for the render/images you provide.
When doing requests, make one big topic where they can request signatures on and you can post the finished work.
If you are hosting/in a battle, flaming is NOT allowed. They are friendly battles, not a hostile war.
Ripping is NOT tolerated AT ALL. If you are caught; There will be SEVERE consequences.

Requirements for the Graphics Artist rank

Been on the forums for at least two(2) months.
Done at least ten(10) requests or have an open signature shop.
Competed in at least two(2) Battles and/or SOTM/SOTW.
Have at least one(1) graphics gallery/progress thread posted.
Frequent CC(Constructive Criticism/Comments) poster.

Requesting GFX Rank:

Code: [Select]
Original Forums Name:
Link to Graphics Gallery:
Link to SOTW/SOTM competed in:
Link to Requests Thread:

Requesting GFX work:

Code: [Select]
Style(grunge, abstract):
Text color:
Subtext color:
Are you black and blue yet?